Thursday, October 27, 2011

Franny's in Brooklyn

Franny's in Brooklyn

Franny's in Brooklyn is one of my all time favorites. When you walk in the front door to the amazing wood burning aroma coming from the pizza oven you just know things are gonna be good. Its a cozy simple room with an open kitchen. Servers seem happy and comfortable, and its kid friendly which I like. It makes me happy to see families thoroughly enjoying a delicious meal and each other.

Take advantage of anything made in the wood burning oven. Their housemade sausage roasted in the oven is ridiculously good. Served over charred radicchio. Any of their vegetable dishes are so simple and fresh. I really admire Franny's for locally sourcing everything they serve. On this particular night Franny's was involved in Dine Out for Irene. They were donating 10% of sales to the cause which helps support local upstate farmers that were affected. The place was busy the whole time we were there, so they had a great night.

OK here we go with the pizza. Just done to perfection. I couldn't speak. If you know the art of authentic neapolitan pizza. Go to franny's. If you dont...go to Franny's and find out.

Canolo hellolo. This was light, flakey, creamy, crispy, lemony heaven. The pistachio's were ever so slightly salty which really balanced with the creamy filling and lightly crisp sweet shell. Perfectly made espresso's were had followed by an amaro. I couldn't have been happier!

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Eating alone is not that big of a deal.....not!

What do you do for lunch every day? Do you look to eat with others. How about dinner? Is meal time a lonely part of your day? Its probably a bigger deal then most peole care to admit. Remeber that school cafeteria? Were you sitting alone quietly with a few other unique individuals or were you rousing it up with the popular kids. Honestly being a part of any group even if it is the "unique" individuals is better then being alone. But it may have taken some time to even get there. My point is eat with others when ever possible. Eating with other people has positive emotional and social benefits. We are all well aware that a family table has many positive benefits on children. They do better in school may be less likely to get involved in things they shouldnt. The "Table" as most Italians like to say TAVOLA is where life is discussed. Their culture is surrounded by the importance of the Table and along with that importance comes an appreciation of the food you are eating and how it was prepared. Taking time to think about how the food got to your plate is important and is sacred. A higher power should be thanked who ever that is for you as well as the preparer of the food and the company you are with. If you do need to eat alone I suggest taking yourself out. I know this is not always easy or the most comfortable , but the buzz of the social atmosphere will make you feel like you are a part of the night. Or eat outside so you can enjoy your meal with the universe!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Be careful what you wish for

Awhile back I had an intense urge to start working. I was in a transitional period of my children going to school along with after school activities. All of a sudden I was finding myself home alone all day. Throughout the years I would fullfill my creative drive learning about food and cultures. Although I had gone to culinary school for pastry this was the time that everyone seemed to be on a low carb kick (remember the Atkins diet?) This put a damper on the fun of baking. So I focused on learning food history, ingredients and techniques. Expressing my feelings to my husband about feeling like I needed an outlet for all this food knowledge I had started to wonder if I should start working in this field in some capacity. His response was " Be careful what you wish for." This coming from a man who appreciates a strong work ethic and runs restaurants where people are expected to work long hours and 6 days a week. THANK GOODNESS I did not listen to him and pursued my inner voice. I now have an awesome job where I feel like I am a strong contibuting team member.Valued and appreciated. People actually come to me because they want to LISTEN and HEAR what I have to say. As you hear throughout your life, you will have to make many choices along the way. Choose what does right for you and learn along the way. What am I choosing is right for me right now? What are you choosing for yourself?