Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting to know You!'re 40. Well I am. Actually I'm 41. Turning 40 for me was less then fun. I went into the year fine. No big deal. I still feel like me. But at my 41st birthday I felt like things had changed physically, emotionally psychologically. And all of a sudden I'm looking in the mirror staring at some one I don't know. So I have decided to try to get to know myself again. A lot of that just means acceptance. Willful acceptance. That is hard, but I'm trying. I do in fact appreciate more the things I truly enjoy. And of course the things I love. No more doing what I think I'm supposed to, wearing clothes cuz they are in, going to what is supposed to be the hottest trendiest restaurant. Now I make sure to choose how I spend my time wisely. And here are some of the things I love.
The first would have to be my family. My sons are teens now and don't spend too much time at home. My husband is a restaurateur so he works nights. So when we can all be home at the same time I really love a meal around our dining room table. A traditional Sunday Supper where cooking takes all day. Everyone helps and we can all sit in the evening together.

I eat pretty much a vegetarian diet with a little bit of shellfish. It's hard for me to give up meat completely mainly due to work. You see I'm a food stylist and recipe developer so sometimes for work I'm required to cook with meats. But as a personal choice I feel better eating mainly vegetarian. Now don't think I'm crazy but a little while back I purchased a juicer. Beware of addiction. Now you really think I'm nuts. Why not talk about chocolate cake, or the most memorable meal ever. No. I am addicted to the green drink. If you start drinking these you will feel why. My older teen age son even drinks them now. I do have a couple of different recipes for juicing but this one is
Kale, cucumber, celery, kiwi, jalapeƱo, lemon and ginger. And yes it tastes good!

Next is comfort. Although I appreciate fashion, I believe more in personal style. That for me means being comfortable. So I guess I would say I have a bit of a bohemian flare. And ultimate comfort for me starts with my feet and that is why am dying for these Dr. Martens. Yes they are a bit combat boot like. But these boots are so comfortable. They did me well on a film shoot in the desert and I can walk city block after city block all day in them. Also did you notice the feminine touch.

Therapy.....what forms of therapy do I do? Baking. Lots of it. I can de-stress focus and feel creative.

Upstate New York. I could say travel in general but I can get upstate in a matter of hours where I can completely be surrounded by nature and fresh air. This photo was taken at the Emerson Resort in Mt. Tremper. The place is amazing. Beautiful setting, the best spa services, food and they allow my Dog to come! And of course Central Park. Just a mind clearing pleasant beautiful walk outside. How lucky am I to have this amazing oasis just blocks from my home.

The Soul. I just can't get enough. Fast paced, mind clearing, reviving, intoxicating, inspiring complete fun!! All of these things are very therapeutic for me and simple. SIMPLE....I'm noticing this is a word for me to pay attention to.

And lastly. The animals in your life and I mean literally. Being a Mom to teens and a husband that has to work at night I have found my self many evenings sitting at home with my cats and my beloved dog Aldo. Many bottles of wine have been had in their company. I am heavy hearted to say I had to put Aldo down just a few days ago. He was a very funny, loving family member. Aldo taught me to just appreciate the SIMPLE things in your life that you just truly enjoy. As this was how he spent his life. A walk in the park, a family meal, something comfortable (for him this was his favorite spot to lay down), a trip away to his favorite spot upstate, a good run. Sounds familiar to all the things I love. But the thing I love most is Aldo and all he contributed to my family. I will deeply miss him.