Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunday Supper

Its important to eat with others. I know that everone is busy and it can be easier to order up and sit your kids at the table while you answer e-mails or straighten up the house or just try to fit in something else to do. The Sunday Supper concept is such a wonderful one. Now if it cant be Sunday for you and your night is different that is just fine. Basically its the concept of preparing food while not rushing. Taking your time and letting it be relaxing. Letting the smells warm up the home into that state of comfort. Long cooked pasta sauces bubbling over, slow cooked soups, roasting chickens, baking chocolate chip cookies. These are the days that that these wonderful smells live deep in our minds and when smelled again trigger those Sunday memories of being home relaxing, eating and enjoying your loved ones company. About a month ago my son turned 17. Yes the time flew by and yes I feel the guilt of not doing enough or not being around enough, not savoring every moment like I should. Guilt and motherhood go hand in hand. But one thing I knew I could do was prepare a meal for my son to celebrate his birthday and enjoy time together.

We started with French Onion Soup. Lots of cheesy warm goodness

Of course I let me son pick the meal and he was in a burger kind of mood. No complaint here. I like to use a brisket blend for a very rich beefy flavor with just the right anount of fat to keep the meat nice and moist.

Next up Bacon shot! Really, theres no smellavision app yet?

And we have Burger action. I made a sauce that I named after my 25 year old step-son Max. The sauce is basically a Big Mac sauce but our version is the Big Max sauce. We are a family full of condiment lovers. And yes I went the TOT route. They are just so good.

And lastly it was washed down with a lovely Chaetauneuf du Pape. I guess I follow what some call the European mind set of letting your kids have a little wine with a special meal. And my boys are 17 and 14 so they are understanding and starting to learn the appreciation of wine and how it comlpiments a meal. It was a superbly lovely Sunnday Supper celebration day!